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When Should You Hire an Interior Designer? BEFORE You Begin Renovating!


Your contractor and maybe even your architect are not thinking about where you are going to put furniture in your new or newly renovated home!

New home renovation addition construction site with framing done.


Successful renovation involves more than just architectural plans and a building contractor. To truly optimize your living space and be sure your home is the most beautiful, functional and livable it can be you should hire an interior designer before renovating. While contractors may be more focused on structural elements and architects may be more focused on that and, well, “architecture”, an interior designer can work collaboratively with them considering the bigger picture and imagining how you will actually live in and enjoy your new home. Those crucial elements sometimes get lost in the shuffle because yes, aesthetics, functionality, practicality and cost can sometimes seem like competing elements in a renovation. A skilled interior designer can help to strike the perfect balance between them, visualizing you living in the space once the work is done and the crews have gone home.

Newly renovated home interior with stairway and open plan living area

CAN YOU VISUALIZE IT FROM PLANS? Are you sure you are getting what you want? Many homeowners don’t have experience reading plans and struggle to visualize what they are committing to. Sometimes missed opportunities or unfortunate compromises aren’t recognized until it’s too late. Maybe a window in a corner doesn’t leave room for the drapes you need for privacy, maybe you didn't the choice you would have to make between seeing the television or the sunsets, maybe a king size bed won’t fit on that wall after all or there is no room for a cabinet to hide the clutter that accumulates at the entry.

DO YOU NEED AN EXTRA SET OF EYES? Whether conceptualizing and sketching out ideas before a contractor or architect is hired, or reviewing plans before construction starts, a designer can be a valuable asset as an extra set of eyes. She/he will put considerable thought into your lifestyle, needs and furniture placement, prioritizing the way you will live in your space in a way that a contractor or architect may not.

Interior designer drawing home furniture plan

From the very beginning seeds of an idea to the very last book being placed on a shelf, an interior designer will consider not only what it will look like but how it will function, flow and feel. When you are investing in a renovation, it should be as perfect and suited to your needs, lifestyle and family as it can be. A designer has the ability to envision the large and small details of your space before it comes to life and ensure that it not only looks beautiful but functions seamlessly in just the way you imagined.


Interior designers begin their work by getting to know you and your family and considering not only your preferences for styles, colors & aesthetics but also your lifestyle, habits & pain points to ensure that every room serves its purpose with maximum effectiveness as well as style. Do you love the color blue but hate stripes? Great. Got it.

But do you take your shoes off when you get home? An interior designer will make sure there is room next to the front door for a bench to sit on and a convenient place to store them.

Child putting on shoes sitting on bench in home entry foyer

Do you have a large family you would like to invite for the holidays? An interior designer will consider whether moving that new wall over 2 feet will allow you to fit 4 more cousins at your dining table.

Are you a movie buff? An interior designer will consider whether shifting that window up will make room for a larger sofa and minimize squabbling over the most comfortable seats on movie night.

Do you have beloved heirlooms? An interior designer will consider whether moving the powder room door will create a perfect spot for your grandmothers walnut table.

Heirloom antique table with flowers and clock


From brainstorming with you to sketching out ideas, collaborating with architects & contractors, designing kitchens & bathrooms and everything in between as well as selecting materials, furnishings and details, an interior designer's involvement brings a level of professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail that elevates your project. Consider making one an integral part of your renovation journey for the beautifully designed, functional, and personal home that you dream of.


I would love to meet and help you figure out how to get your renovation project started. I also offer plan review as a stand alone service if you have already embarked down that path and want the peace of mind another set of eyes on it will bring.

Children sharing comfortable chair at home looking out window.



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