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Offering varied options from full service interior design to problem solving 2 hour single consultations. Want to chat about your project? Let's have a free 15 minute introductory call.  Book it online below or email if you have questions! 


Design Consultation

2 hours / $400

Start with a design consultation. It is an up to 2 hour session in your home where we walk through and discuss the areas you need help with.  If you have a large job and need a full service interior designer it is a good way for us to get to know one another and discuss your project in depth. Or maybe you just need help selecting some paint colors or solving a design dilemma. A consultation is a great opportunity for a fresh set of eyes on your space. Either way, you will receive actionable ideas that you can implement yourself. Also available remotely by FaceTime or Zoom.   Possibilities for a Consultation: Rethink your furniture layout to make the most of what you have. Prioritize new pieces for the biggest impact. Choose some new paint colors. Make decisions on material and finish samples for your renovation. Plan some new window treatments. Brainstorm ideas for a renovation.

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Designer For A Day

6 hours / $900

Designer for a Day is 6-hour, one-on-one, collaborative design session created to help you design, shop, problem-solve or style a space in a short amount of time. Select paint colors, tile or kitchen and bath fixtures. Get advice on making the most of what you have and a plan for filling in any missing pieces. Suggestions for our day: Take a look at your existing furniture, rethink your layout and come up with a plan to fill in missing pieces. Go shopping for a few missing furniture pieces or fabrics. Review your architect's or contractor's floor plans with you before your renovation. Measure, design and select materials for window treatments or custom cushions. Visit a plumbing or appliance showroom and select fixtures. Coordinate & select colors & materials like tile & stone for a kitchen or bath renovation. Lay out and hang a wall of art or photos. Shop for accessories & style a room with the perfect finishing touches. Email for more info ( or Book a free 15 minute Discovery Call to discuss!


Designer By Your Side

20 hours / $3000

Just need a little help in certain areas? 20 hour blocks of time for professional help and advice wherever you need it. Whether creating floor plans, mood boards, selecting colors, sourcing furniture and materials, designing and ordering custom window treatments or finding the right trades people to get the work done, we will work together to realize your vision.


Full Service Design

Price varies

We got this. Kitchens, bathrooms, new furniture, styling. Whatever you need. We will start by looking at your space and discussing your needs, likes and loves. Then as needed, we create floor plans, layouts, mood boards. We budget & source materials & furnishings. We work with contractors and trades. We make sure your space is transformed into one you love and that works for your lifestyle. Along the way, we make it as easy as possible for you and you can decide to be involved a lot or a little.

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