Kristen T Messina



 "My many years as a feature film set decorator were about creating an environment to tell the story of characters in a script. Now my clients are the characters. 

I can help you tell your story."

"I look at my role as distilling my client’s style and bringing it to life. Rather than imposing my personal style, I will help you make the most out of your own.

I believe your home should be a joyful reflection of you. "


interior design

Kristen has created sophisticated, character rich and comfortable environments for a variety of clients including A-List directors & producers and decorated sets for many film & television  productions.  She is now available to help you realize your vision for your own home. 

Airy Beach House Bedroom

set decoration

With over two decades as a set decorator for feature films, Kristen's credits span a visually diverse collection of projects from Traffic, 8 Mile, Erin Brockovich & Solaris to Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13.  She has also worked on tv & commercials and was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Tel: 310-339-3375

Venice, CA 90291