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Kristen T Messina



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"I look at my role as distilling my client’s style and bringing it to life. It’s not my job to impose my personal style but rather to make the most out of your own. It is your home and it should be a joyful reflection of you. "


I spent many years as a feature film set decorator which was all about creating an environment to tell the story of the characters. Now, I consider my clients to be the characters.  I would love to help tell your story."


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Kristen has spent over two decades designing feature film sets and interiors. Her credits as set decorator span a visually diverse collection of films from Traffic, 8 Mile & Erin Brockovich to Solaris to Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13.  She has worked on feature films, tv and commercials and was nominated for an Emmy Award.  


As an interior designer, she has created sophisticated, character rich and comfortable environments for a variety of clients including A-List directors & producers.  She is now available to help you realize your vision for your own home. 


ocean's 11, 12 & 13

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